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    Welcome to the No EU Tax campaign, a broad coalition of non-extremist forces from left to right. No EU Tax is spearheaded by Europeans United for Democracy, an alliance of EU-critical movements.

    Scrap the EU tax!

    On the 29th of June 2011, the European Commission presented a formal proposal for an EU tax misleadingly called “own resources.” There are two parts of this proposal that seek to provide the European Union with a direct tax income from its citizens. First, the Commission wants to introduce a Financial Transfer Tax. This tax would be introduced independently within the European Union if the rest of the world also does so. The second portion proposes that the European Union directly receives part of the VAT. Either way, the purpose is dangerously simple.The EU wants to bypass its member states by receiving direct funding for the EU cashbox.

    Those in favor of increasing the EU’s “own resources” point out that the EU will not gain the right to tax citizens directly. The truth, however, is that money from the taxpayers will be specially marked for the EU budget.

    Some proponents have suggested that a certain percentage of the VAT paid by consumers should be directly transferred to the European Union. Others believe that a tax on CO2 emissions should be levied, or that charges on banking and electronic communications should be directly sent to the EU treasury. The possibility of a new “climate tax” on air traffic or a new tax on the European banking sector could, in the opinion of some, help the EU to persuade member states to send revenue directly to Brussels.

    Supporters claim that the new EU tax will be “tax neutral” – that it will not increase the tax burden on citizens – but basic economics tell a different story: Any new tax – whether on value-added, air traffic or the banking sector – will ultimately be paid by ordinary citizens.

    An EU tax will only increase the burden placed on people who are already beginning to pay double bills. The European Union now opens embassies around the world, even though member states are unwilling to close theirs. Taxpayers are forced to pay for two embassies in the same foreign country. This pattern of double structure can be seen in many parts of the EU budget, like the Security and Defense Policy which competes with the current NATO structure.

    The EU budget is riddled with waste and often yields poor results. We do not need an EU tax; we need better scrutiny of the existing EU budget.

    The European Union should be governed by the member states, not vice versa. The right to directly tax citizens belongs exclusively to the member states.

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